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Street Songs CD - Front Cover

Street Songs by Paul & Noreen Coca

Paul & Noreen Coca
Produced by Chuck Girard
Vocals & Acoustic
Guitar: Paul Coca
Electric Guitar: Phil Keaggy

Bass Guitar: Mark Childers
Violin: Noreen Coca
Drums & Percussion: Mike Childers
Keyboard and Synth: Chuck Girard
Hammond Organ: Lindell Cooley
Harmonica: Ross Walters
Vocals: Alisa Childers - Amber Liabenow

Welcome To Paul & Noreen Coca's Homepage

Hello from Paul and Noreen Coca!  Thanks for stopping by, we hope you will find these stories delightful and inspirational.
Noreen and I begin our journey together with the Lord back in 1980.  We met and sang at a Valentine's banquet at the Big Yellow House in San Jose. When I first saw Noreen the Lord spoke to me “Behold I have sent you this woman" and I said, Thanks Lord she will be useful for the ministry. She is truly my joy and a crown of glory for me; I can say I love her more and more through the years.  What a gift from God!

Thank you!
May the joy of the Lord fill you with goodness and mercy.
Paul and Noreen Coca

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Paul and Noreen Coca, Street Songs (2007)
Paul and Noreen Coca have spent over 25 years in music ministry, often playing open concerts on the streets of Berkeley and San Francisco (not exactly the Bible Belt). This record is a collection of their work. Lyrically, these are pretty simple songs, direct, to the point, easy to sing along with. There is simplicity in the music as well, but don't be fooled: simple is not a bad thing. In this case, it is a compliment. In essence, this is early Jesus music recorded for a new century. Add in guitar work from Phil Keaggy as well as production by Chuck Girard and you have a record worthy of a listen. - Rob Tyson, 10/6/08


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Street Songs is a heart-felt, God-inspired collection of songs birthed from 26 years of Paul and Noreen Coca's street ministry in the cities of San Jose, Berkeley, and San Francisco. Although first singing publicly in 1978, the earliest song was written while Paul was on his honeymoon in 1982 at Yosemite National Park titled The Spirit and The Bride; the latest song is I will Follow, finished in 2006 (some lyrics written in 1997 by Noreen).

Most of the songs were written and sung by Paul Coca. Two of the most stirring songs in this set are the duets, simply beautiful songs where the anointing is most evident. Noreen's violin playing is lovely in Rose of Sharon and her song is sweet in The Lord is Faithful.

This CD is a blueprint of the passion and evangelistic hearts Paul and Noreen have for the lost, for those with broken hearts and broken lives and how this passion sustained their extensive ministry years.

Standing in the rain, jeered by on looking crowds, spat upon and insulted, nothing would deter them from the passionate fire God had dropped into their hearts for those needing Christ. This fire fueled their desire to keep fighting the good fight, preaching salvation on the streets of the cities and ministering through SOS Ministries in open air outreaches held in San Francisco and Berkeley. Through the years, the Coca's would pray before concerts, and wait for a sign from the Lord, wait to see who He would bring, those whose opportunity had come to receive Him. God stands at the door knocking.

The Coca's are open vessels, filled with God's love, ready to pour into desperate hearts; He is the answer to the darkness in other's lives. My husband and I were blessed as we listened to this CD. We discussed it afterwards and found we were in agreement; we were humbled by the music, the lyrics, the pure sincerity of the message; our spirits were refreshed as the anointing brought peaceful joy and assurance of God's great love.

Featured Songs Change Periodically - Listen To All Songs by clicking link: Complete Song Menu
I Will Follow - by Paul & Noreen Coca

I Will Follow

The Rose of Sharon by Paul & Noreen Coca

The Rose of Sharon

The Coca FamilyFoodstock 2008
Foodstock ’08 was a three-generation affair for the Coca family as, clockwise, from left, Josh, Noreen, Paul J., Paul M., and Paul Anthony with the flag got into the music at Saturday’s benefit concert to raise money to help feed area families. Saturday’s Foodstock ’08 brought in approximately $10,000 to the Neighbor to Neighbor Food Pantry to help feed area families having a tough time making financial ends meet. “It was a fabulous first year and a great point of reference for next year,” said Heidi Miller, the Neighbor to Neighbor Food Pantry chairperson...Valley Springs By Nick Baptista Read Full Article: Articles


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Chuck Girard - Paul Coca - Tim MoonStreet Outreachs
Besides our full-time business we go out on the streets to do a variety of evangelistic outreaches. This summer was no different. We made our way to the Bay Area on a number of Saturdays. U. N. Plaza in San Francisco and Berkeley are the places we frequent most often. In July we were in San Francisco for the entire SOS week. Pictured to the right is Chuck Girard, Tim Moon, and myself at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. I brought homemade chili verna for the guys at the SOS evangelism house. We had a great number of people take Gospel tracts as we played music. Many of the Christians who came out had wonderful conversations with those interested in Jesus Christ. It was a exshausting but awesome week.


Let's  start with Noreen, my wife, then I will go on to give my report.  Noreen was born in Chicago, IL in 1956.  When she was three her parents moved to San Jose. Her Father Mike, worked as a salesman and her mother, Norma, a homemaker.  Noreen has one brother, Matt who is married and lives in Sonora.  Noreen was called of the Lord at the age of sixteen, and at that time the only one in her family that was born again. Noreen was immediately evangelizing, and led her brother Matt to the Lord and then spoke to her parents about Jesus. Some amazing facts about Noreen is that she was number two in the state for the junior high level in violin. Her teacher was preparing her for Juilliard when she became a Christian and decided rather to embrace the call of God on her life. She received a full 4-year scholarship to San Jose State, however she only completed one year, going on to Bethany Bible College.  She attended one year at Bethany and quit, desiring rather to win the lost.  She played in Steve Fry's worship team and also with Terry Taylor's (Daniel Amos Band) on to playing in much meager settings on the streets with me.  Encapsulating  Noreen's life would take volumes, however to say this one thing, she truly is an Evangelist. She prays and ministers relentless to anyone and most everyone she meets.  She loves the people we meet, and I have even seen her take her shoes off in many occasions to give to someone in need. Noreen works along side me in our three businesses.

I was born Paul Martin Coca in San Francisco, CA 1955. My father, Thomas had been a professional prize fighter up until suffering a stroke, while my mother a housekeeper was then raising the last four of her eight children.  My father turned the use of his hands into watch repairing and watch making. It was difficult times for my parents, my father being impaired.  My father passed on at the age of fifty three when I was just four and my younger brother two weeks old.  Needless to say this created a huge hardship on my mother. We moved to Milpitas, CA  and my mom got a job, so we pretty much had to raise ourselves.  It's hard to grapple through childhood memories, when things we're so tough. I was introduced to drugs at the age of nine and started smoking weed, then on to every other type of drug the sixties conjured up.  My brothers dealt drugs, so at the age of eleven I started selling LSD. It was a misdemeanor in 1965 and not until 1968 became a felony offense. I was used to test how powerful the drugs we're, no joke. Many of my friends ended up dead, clinically insane, or in jail. My younger brother, Mark overdosed on heroin at the age of 25, my next brother Steve,  right above me in age, died of necrotizing fictitious a bacteria related to an abscess in his arm.    My next to the oldest brother Don, was shot in the face with a shotgun and survived, at that time I was already a believer. At the wonderful age of eighteen, two ladies knocked at our door. They asked for my brother and since he was not there, they begin to speak with me. I was ready to shut the door, when I felt a tug on my heart and opened the door to look at there eyes.  I wanted to see if they believed what they were saying. They preached Jesus!  They asked if I wanted to pray to receive the Lord and his forgiveness.  I tried everything else why not Jesus, so we went to the top of our hill overlooking east side San Jose and begin to pray.  They prayed for me and spoke in tongues.  At first I thought this was weird, and I had heard maybe from the Devil, however it sure felt good as they prayed and touched my forehead.  They asked me to confess the Lord out loud and so I did.  It felt as though huge weights we're being lifted off of my shoulders. As we left, one lady turned to me and said, "God has a calling on your life", and she asked to pray again for me.  We stopped by a little oak tree, and she laid her hands on me again.  This time, I was watching out over the hillside.  I saw the tops of the weeds, like in the movie "August Rush" begin to move, and as the wind came upon me I suddenly fell to the ground.  I was filled with LOVE from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  It was unlike any other thing I had ever felt, pure, powerful and complete.  I stood to my feet hugging these two Mexican ladies and feeling as if they were my sisters.  They told me that the Lord would speak to me through the bible, to pray and go to church. I said, "goodbye" and left them at the door only to dig out an old bible I found in my brothers closet.  I prayed and asked the Lord to speak to me.  I opened the bible and came to 1JN 1:9 "If we confess our sins, He is just and faithful to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness". I begin to confess my sins, and stopped crushed by the knowledge that I had to many to count.  I just stood there and cried, when the heavens opened and I saw a white sheet coming down from heaven. As it passed through me He cleansed me of all my sin, just as if I was a brand new baby.  I'm not sure how long I stood there shaking. I grabbed the bible and ran back to the top of the hill to read and pray.  I sat under the little oak tree, and as I looked up felt a drop of water hit my forehead.  I wiped it away and said, "ah baptized"!  I looked out over the grass and trees and then heard the Lord for the first time, say to my spirit " Behold, I have made all things new".  I went back down the hill,  and sat and read the bible at the kitchen table. My mother and sister, who had already become Christians, walked in,and seeing me my mom burst out in tears, My Son what are you on now?  I tried to explain in a somewhat intoxicated voice, I'm not stoned, I have met Jesus!  That's my testimony, complete and accurate.  The Lord's grace is a wonderful gift and a chastening love. Three years later after spending over one year in jail, I surrendered all to him and I have been serving Him since then.  God is good!!!