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Street Songs CD - Front Cover
Street Songs CD
Street Songs CD Back Cover

The following compilations have been mostly comprised on the streets of San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose.  Please review the vignettes as they do describe the way the songs were inspired and given to us. Take a listen, and if you like, you can PURCHASE THE CD.  We would like to hear from you after you have listened to a song, comments@paulcoca.com


Push To Play

Streets of Berkeley
This song was written verse after verse through many times of ministering on the streets. Often times that’s how we get the songs, line upon line as we minister through the wonders of God’s anointing.  Glory to God! Without the anointing it’s pointless to be on the streets.

2) SHUFFLIN" - 1997
Justin Herman Plaza

30-Year anniversary of the "Summer of Love" Market Street San Francisco begins at the Embarcadero, Justin Herman Plaza. What a day!  A team of seventy young people from Canada gather with the SOS Outreach in hippie attire as now former hippies turned business yuppies look on from the plaza.  The worship teams are ministering and we are dancing with all our might before the Lord.  What a sight!  Later I picked up my guitar and wrote this song.  Public worship is powerful.

3) SEND REVIVAL - 1994
Push To Play

Paul Witnessing to Young Man
“LORD SHOW ME A SIGN”, that’s my prayer as I walk around the corner and sat down on the sidewalk with a few street kids in San Jose.  Jessie, a street kid, calls to me and begins to explain, Papa Paul, (the nickname they gave me), do you see this?  He shows me a small cross that he’s wearing, and begins to explain, “This used to be upside down, now it’s right side up and twenty seven of us kids have changed our crosses right side up out here”. That’s all I needed.   I don’t believe every kid on the street, but this story happens to be true.  Noreen and I led an outreach for eleven years every Friday night to the homeless teens down on 1st and San Fernando.  I wrote this song as a prayer out there.

4) EVER-PRESENT - 2004
Push To Play
The SOS Outreaches’ mustard colored van pulled up to the curb and we were shuffled out to the crowded street called Castro.  It must have been around 8 pm because it was already dark. We gathered at a not to conspicuous spot and set up for worship.  Noreen looked at me and me at her to realize that we had left all of our worship music in the car.  We sang all we knew by heart, prayed and asked the Lord to please touch these men.  The gay community is often looked upon as unreachable. Remember how far down the Lord reached to save us.  The Spirit of God moved upon me in compassion and the words rolled out “He’s an ever-present help in time of need”.
Castro Street San Francisco

5) CARRY ME - 1995
Push To Play
Lord Carry Me
Have you been broken?  Have you turned your back on the Lord to find that He’s there to pick you up once you’ve fallen?  The Lord gave me this song in one of those fallen states when I was gripped by his faithfulness and love for me. Now I know the depth of his love and the cost we pay to pick up our cross and follow him.

6) I WILL FOLLOW 1997 – 2006
Push To Play
Chrisitie Singing in Berkeley
This song culminated in the studio with the pressure of getting it done.  Noreen originally wrote this song combining her lyrics with some of my lyrics from a different song in 1997.  In 2006 I rewrote the verses to address the twenty five years plus we had been ministering on the streets.  May the Lord enlarge our hearts for the lost.

7) JESUS IS HERE – 2005
Push To Play

Berkeley Satanists Opposing Gospel
It was a sweltering hot day in Berkeley as the usual heckling crowd gathers to oppose us on the other side of the street at Amoeba Records.  Public worship of Jesus and public preaching has its effect. One young boy steps out from the crowd and gets down on his hands and knees and vomits, only to be cheered on as he begins to lap it up.  Later that month the same young boy is introduced to me and says, “Hey aren’t you that preacher”? , as we shortly afterwards end up praying for him.  This song was given all at once as we sang to that same kind of crowd in Berkeley.

8) CALL UPON - 1993
Push To Play
Outreach at Fisherman's Wharf
This song was written spontaneously while Chet Gallagher preached through an orange street cone at the fairgrounds.  We decided that it’s “fairground” to preach the glorious gospel to the public and to magnify his name publicly. 

Push To Play
Rain During San Francisco Outreach
The rain was coming down and we we’re concerned about the electrical outlets zapping us out at United Nations Plaza, 7th and Market St. San Francisco.  Under the canopy, I watched as my friend Lois Land danced before the Lord, with her face grinning and glowing as she moved about the homeless crowds. The words just begin to flow out like tears from heaven.

Push To Play
Piano - The Lord is Faithful
Noreen wrote this song singing to the Lord as she sat at the piano in our house.  Being grafted into the vine takes a cutting.  Noreen truly understands the cost of being grafted into the vine, and the vine being grafted into her. Cutting cause’s pain until the joy arrives of having new buds and new fruit.

11) NO DUMB IDOL – 1993
Push To Play
Volcano Idol Pele
We stayed at Miracle Mansion that year,  an old sugar plantation mansion in Kauai.  We ministered  throughout the island fellowships having close friends there. Hearing the stories of Pele, the volcano goddess and how the Hawaiians sacrificed there children to her made me upset. On the way down from Waimea Canyon, I was inspired and turned off  the side of the road .  I stayed there a half hour and wrote the most of this song.

12) ROSE OF SHARON – 1987
Push To Play
Rose of Sharon
The very first time I sang publicly about Jesus was 1978.  I was invited to Jacobs Ladder, a local Christian coffee house.  I now strummed slowly and sang worship from my heart to the Lord.  I looked up to see two men carry in a drunken man and plop him down on the back row.   At the alter call, that same man staggered up to me and said, “As you were singing I felt the Lord touch me”.  He knelt with me and received the Lord in his heart.  I was taught to welcome a new believer with a hug.  In all honesty, I didn’t want to.  This man stunk to high heaven.  However, as I hugged him the room filled with the smell of roses. A sister said, it’s the Lord!  The man looked at me with new eyes as he wept and said, “I have to go home, I need a shower, I need to see my wife and kids and he ran out the door, completely sober in his right mind.


Push To Play

Yosemite Waterfall
This was Noreen and mines first year anniversary and we were spending it up in Yosemite.  After a hard day of playing and hiking we settled down to our campsite. I walked off by myself with my guitar, sat by the river and wrote this song.

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